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CUHK Teaching Faculty CGU Teaching Faculty

CUHK Teaching Faculty

Research Interest
Prof. Cheung Waiman
BSc (National Taiwan University)
MBA & PhD (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Management information systems, database systems, decision support systems, information systems integration, e-commerce and logistics
Prof. Du Chih Ting Timon
BS (National Chung-Hsin University)
MSE & PhD (The Arizona State University)

Management information systems, electronic business management and business intelligence

Prof. Jia Jianmin Jamie
BS (Southwest Jiaotong University)
MS (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
PhD (The University of Texas at Austin)
Management information systems, database systems, decision support systems, information systems integration, e-commerce and logistics
Prof. Wong Chi Sum
BBA (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
PhD (Purdue University)
Job analysis, job design, performance appraisals, job evaluation, decision-making and the application of structural equation modeling
Prof. Lee Ching Chyi
BA (Tunghai University)
MBA (Oklahoma City University)
PhD (The University of Pennsylvania)
Decision making under uncertainty, game theory, bargaining and negotiation, experimental economics and supply chain management
Prof. Zhao Xiande
BSc (Nankai University)
MSc, MBA & PhD (The University of Utah)
Supply chain management, manufacturing resources planning and service quality management

CGU Teaching Faculty
Research Interest
Dr. Wu Sou-Shan
PhD in Finance (The University of Florida)

Management science, investment science, capital markets and information systems

Dr. Pe-Cheng Wang

University of Minnesota, USA

Quality Management,  Applied Statistics

Dr. Tichung Richard Hsueh
Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
Management, Business Communication Skills, Business Ethics, Project Management, Technology Management, Innovation and Knowledge Management, ICT Industry Analysis, Special Seminar on Asia Pacific Management Practices
Dr. Wen Shiow-Ying
PhD in Economics (The University of Wyoming in USA)

Regulatory and IO economics, environmental and resource, economics and finance

Dr. Chen Ting-Yu
PhD in Traffic and Transportation (National Chiao Tung University)

Mutiple criteria decision-making, fuzzy set theory, fuzzy measures, habitual domains and competence set analysis, consumer decision, internet marketing

Dr. Hsu Kuang-Hung
PhD in Environmental Health Sciences (The University of California at Los Angeles)

Health care management, biotechnology management, clinical epidemiology and bioinformatics

Dr. Chin-Horng Chan

Kyushu University, Japan

Financial Management, Derivative Securities

Dr. Wang Sheng-Pen
PhD in Operations Research (Stanford University)

Model-building with disperse applications to inventory in operations, computation of value-at-risk in finance, efficiency evaluation (such as DEA) in performance measurement and healthcare management science

Dr. Lee Wenyih
Dr. Lee Wenyih PhD in Management (University of Texas at Austin)

Supply chain management, logistics management, e-commerce, operations management, production planning and control, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma

Dr. Jean Yu

Florida State University, USA

Corporate Finance, International Finance

Dr. Wei-Chih Chen

University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA

Operations Management, Decision Science

Dr. Shyu Yih-Wen
PhD in Finance with a minor in Economics (The Cleveland State University in Ohio)

Financial institution, security investments and derivatives

Dr. Tsao Chueh-Yung
PhD in Finance (National Central University)

Financial engineering, financial data-mining and computational intelligence in economics and finance

Dr. Huang Cheng-Shung
PhD (National Taiwan University)

Worker behaviors in an organization, management and operation systems, strategic issues of firm performance and corporate culture

Dr. Wang Hsueh-Ming Steve
PhD in Industrial and System Engineering (Lehigh University)

Management of technology and project management

Dr. Teng Ching-I David
PhD in Management (National Taiwan University)

Network externalities, e-commerce, service quality, shopping behavior and responses to advertising