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The Executive MBA (Asia Pacific) Program is targeted at providing high-quality executive education to managers who can take advantage of the opportunities created by the rising integration and networking in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong(many Taiwanese firms have large-scale operations in China, particularly in Dong Wang, Canton and Shanghai). The program is offered in Taipei in cooperation with The Chinese University or Hong Kon and College of Management of Chang Gung University. The first class of 49 students was admitted in August 2005.

The program offers a total of 54 units of course work, which covers all critical knowledge for a successful manager. Teaching methods include traditional classroom lectures, case studies, and field studies such as the residential week in Hong Kong and two one-week study tours in China. Courses are taught by the best professors from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and our partners in China and Taiwan.

In 2009, the program enrolls students for the last cohort.